Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Blackberry 10 commitment to flow and touch control

Research in Motion (RIM) has presented Tuesday in Spain its new operating system, BlackBerry 10. This is a bet that aims to bring the ecosystem to Mobile Computing Blackberry with touch control and fluency as key values. BlackBerry 10 has a release date scheduled for the first half of 2013.

 The new Blackberry operating system revolves around the concept of Flow (flow), a new category of mobile user experience that leaves behind the need to enter and exit the application, allowing it to pass from one to another more smoothly: " We want to give this solution so that the user can control, you can move and share, "said product manager for Blackberry, Claudio Roselli. In Blackberry 10 notifications are reflected at the time, without leaving the application you're using. The new software allows the company to be connected at all times and the contents are updated in real time, while running any application. Another important new Blackberry is the Blackberry Hub 10, where the user can access all your notifications without having to "click" on the application icons. Blackberry Hub provides a unified inbox where you can view the latest social networking notifications, latest missed calls or text messages, all without having to leave the application you are currently using. With Blackberry Hub, in one movement, the user can access a screen that is displayed on the second level behind the main desk and access to the latest notifications generally or filtering by priority: "Blackberry 10 is created to all applications interact and collaborate among them ", said Roselli. RIM is passed to the touch pad Another major betting Blackberry 10 is the predictive keyboard touch. The Blackberry product manager has said that the first device to incorporate this new OS will be touch and, with this objective, the company has designed a keyboard with more space between characters and learns how to push the user. In addition, the keyboard allows you to type in a more natural thanks to the recognition of user gestures. Another of the more novel features of Blackberry touch panel 10 is the ability to recognize the different languages ​​in which the user types and suggest words correct and thanks to context. "The important thing is that Blackberry 10 platform is the learning of the person and not the person's learning platform," said Roselli. Blackberry 10 also includes a new browser, which the company says is much faster and recognizes the IP from which the user is connected to offer suggestions based navigation the most popular sites in each region. In addition, the new browser allows Web pages fit the format 'reader', which displays the text on the screen in a more convenient format for reading. The browser incorporates a tab with options to share web content with either platform built into the device (email, social networks or Blackberry Groups). With Blackberry 10 comes also a renewed application platform. Blackberry App World promises to allow users to access games, applications, music and videos in a more fluid and colorful. The most interesting App World is the ability to preview, test and share the link to the content even before making the purchase. "This is what is Blackberry 10: Communication in collaboration," said Roselli. The applications of the new operating system will interact via Blackberry Messenger.

 BUSINESS AND DEVELOPERS Blackberry 10 also continue to offer a solution designed specifically for businesses. So BlackBerry Balance technology help keep data and separate personal and business applications in two different environments. RIM has also confirmed the availability of the Blackberry Enterprise Service service 10, which will manage devices Blackberry, iOS and Android. Alongside these developments, the BlackBerry ecosystem has changed in terms of the relationship with programmers. RIM wants developers involved in the Blackberry operating system 10 and said, citing a study by Vision Mobile, which generated content for Blackberry earn, on average, 4 percent more per month application developers to iOS and 40 percent more than the Android. Roselli says the Blackberry developer community 10 "is very excited" and no need to learn a new language because Blackberry HTML5 commitment.


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