Saturday, 3 November 2012

5 Tips to Buy and to Know a BlackBerry is New or Old USed Gadget

Smartphone BlackBerry (BB) device is not a mobile phone. The presence of PIN and facility BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) to excellence and a major selling point of this device.

The existence of PIN and BBM features enable consumers to consider several things when they want to buy a BlackBerry, both the former and new.

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Here's a guide to buy a BlackBerry in order not to get into trouble later on.

1. Check IMEI and PIN
Check the IMEI and PIN to purchase the BlackBerry main requirements. IMEI number must exist in all types of mobile phones, as well as BlackBerry. IMEI is written on the inside of the phone when you remove the battery and also was in the cardboard package BB purchase.

How to check the IMEI is by pressing * # 06 #. You can also check your IMEI number by pressing once PIN Options and select Status. Can also by pressing ALT + CapsLock + H.

2. Check the age of use
We can also find out easily how long the BlackBerry has been used. This is useful for us to buy the latest BlackBerry devices. One-one wants a new one, it turns out the BlackBerry is already been used for some time.

How to check the duration of use BB BB is to press menu and select the Options menu followed by selecting the Status menu. In the screen that appears, you type BUYR.

3. Check the performance of your BlackBerry
Before you buy a BlackBerry, you can test the existing facilities. This is useful to avoid regrets later on. You can check all the features from the BlackBerry to feature sound physical condition. The trick is to press the BB menu and select Options, then select the status and write TEST.

4. Physical checks and completeness of the contents of the sales package
Usually there will be in the sales package charger, data cable, memory card, manual book, CD driver, handsfree, and some other equipment for certain types of BlackBerry, suppose will get leather case for BlackBerry.

You also have to look at the condition of the surface of the casing wrapping your BlackBerry, especially the new BlackBerry. A new name, of course, the BlackBerry is still looking smooth and no scratches whatsoever.

5. Make sure the warranty
Currently, all mobile operators, especially GSM, selling BlackBerry devices. Consequently you have to get warranty service alias purnajualnya. This is for your safety if at any time there is damage / constraints on the BlackBerry. In fact, the manufacturer, namely RIM, have started to open after-sales service in the greater Jakarta area.